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Upgrades for 8R and 9R John Deere tractors

Deere makes changes to its highest horsepower tractors

New 8R tractors get larger tanks that provide six percent more fuel capacity and 12 per cent more DEF.

John Deere’s two biggest tractor lines, the 8R and 9R Series, will see a host of upgrades beginning this fall.

“For the 2019 model year (8R and 8RT) tractors, we’re making the Premium CommandView III Cab with cab suspension standard on all 8RT Series tractors,” says Tiffany Turner, product marketing manager, large tractors for John Deere. The cabs will ride on Deere’s AirCushion suspension system for a smoother ride.

For enhanced control, the 8R Series tractors will get re-calibrated steering sensitivity and a new steering pump. Deere claims this will improve handling, especially in soft field conditions during heavy draught loads.

Outside the cab, larger fuel and DEF tanks will add to the onboard fuel load to make refuelling stops less frequent. Fuel capacity jumps by six per cent to 212 gallons (803 litres) and DEF tank size grows by 12 per cent to 7.6 gallons. The DEF tank also moves to a new location, so the fuel and DEF filler caps are located together to make fuelling stops more convenient.

The front axle suspension on wheeled 8Rs also sees a change. “The design features a wider upper pivot A-arm lug for greater strength and reliability,” explains Turner. “We also added guards to the suspension position sensor to protect it from debris, and improved wire harness routing to eliminate failures in flex regions.”

The 8R’s big brothers, the 9R Series, will now be available with a 120-inch (3.05 metre) track spacing option on 9470RX, 9520RX, 9570RX and 9620RX four-track tractors equipped with 30- and 36-inch (76.2- and 91.4-centimetre) tracks.

2019 model year John Deere 9R, 9RT and 9RX tractors will be available with a wider range of track options along with upgraded hydraulics. photo: John Deere

“The extra-wide stance of this machine is ideal for customers wanting to control traffic patterns and enhance stability on hilly terrain,” said Turner. “A wider stance also makes it easier to perform daily maintenance.”

Deere is also offering the option of a factory- or field-installed Hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system to boost tractor performance when operating implements requiring continuous hydraulic power.

“Hydraulic IPM is specifically designed for air seeding operators using large drills and air carts on their farms,” Turner explains. “Hydraulic IPM provides an extra 25 horsepower in gears five thru 18 and adds 50 more horsepower in gears one through four, enabling the tractor to pull heavy loads through tough conditions.”

A dual-pump specific selective control valve has eight SCVs — three with three-quarter-inch (1.9 centimetre) SCVs and five with half-inch (1.3 centimetre) SCVs. The larger couplers allow for an extra seven-gallon (26.5 litre) per minute hydraulic oil flow to reduce restrictions when driving fan motors on large air carts. The increased flow capacity also makes it possible to raise and lower the frames on large air drills much faster.

8R Series tractors will get an updated cab and improved steering performance. photo: John Deere

IPM is also compatible as a retrofit option on model year 2015 John Deere 9620R and 2016 9620RX ag tractors. It requires a 115-gallon (435 litre) per minute dual hydraulic pump, but it’s not compatible with three-point-hitch-equipped models.

In addition, all 8R and 9R Series tractors will now get a Generation 4 CommandCentre as base equipment. It includes an 18-1 Software update. And CommandCentre AutoTrac activation also comes with the MY 2019 update, and it offers a non-transferrable, machine-specific AutoTrac function on the integrated Gen 4 Command Centre. The previously available CommandCentre Premium Activation will be discontinued and be replaced with the 4600 CommandCentre Premium Activation 3.0 or 4600 CommandCentre Automation 1.0.

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