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Deutz-Fahr aims high with new tractor

With a new factory and ‘global’ tractor lines, the brand is determined to get your attention

The Deutz-Fahr brand kicked off a three-day media event in mid-summer in Dresden, Germany, to show off not only some new tractor models, but a new factory and visitor centre as well. It’s another sign it aims to become a bigger player in global tractor sales, particularly in the 300-plus horsepower market.

That new factory in Lauingen an der Donau, Germany is set to come online shortly, and the company expects to slash the wait time for filling global customer orders for tractors. At the same site, it’s also building what it calls the Deutz-Fahr Arena, designed for plant visitors with a display area and training facilities, plus a museum and gift shop among other things. The arena is slated for completion in 2017.

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But the real heart of the Dresden event was the brand’s completely updated “Next Generation” 6 and 7 Series tractors. Designed to be what the company calls global tractor platforms, it uses a modular design concept, meaning their sub-systems can be easily interchanged during assembly to suit different world market needs.

Together, the two series offer 14 models and some 600 available option choices to meet those global differences. The company believes these 14 models along with the five models in the larger 9 Series that it introduced in 2015 will form the core of its future global tractor sales.

“These new high-end tractors are a result of the effort made in recent years towards the completion and renewal of our product offering,” said Lodovico Bussolati, SDF chief executive officer in a press release. “The new 6 and 7 Series, together with the 9 Series launched last year and the new innovative factory and customer centre in Lauingen, are fundamental pillars of the Deutz-Fahr strategy for the next few years.”

Deutz-Fahr held a three-day event in Dresden, Germany to show off its new factory along with its “New Generation” 6 and 7 Series tractors.
Deutz-Fahr held a three-day event in Dresden, Germany to show off its new factory along with its “New Generation” 6 and 7 Series tractors. photo: Deutz-Fahr

The 6 Series includes two chassis sizes. The smaller models get a 2,767-mm wheelbase, while their larger brothers get 2,848 mm between their axles.

All 6 and 7 Series models will pack a Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder diesel under the hood that is already able to meet the EU’s pending Stage V emissions standards. The company claims these engines are more fuel efficient than their predecessors, and their DEF consumption has been reduced down into the three to five per cent of fuel consumption range. Meanwhile, the new Electro-Visco fan system and all-aluminum, accessible cooling package keeps system temperatures in check.

Spanning the 156 to 226 horsepower range, the 6 Series models are available with the brand’s new (ZF built) RCshift technology. These programmable transmissions offer five gears within six powershift ranges, for 30 forward 16 reverse gear options. The five gears can function in automatic, manual or semi-automatic modes, and the transmission’s “intelligent” feature allows it to learn operator preferences for shifting. (Even with these capabilities, the company claims the transmission is simple to program and operate.)

In all, the 6 Series offers three different transmission choices, depending on the model. The RCshift transmissions are also available with a creeper gear that provides an incredible selection of 54 forward and 27 reverse gears. And the RCshift technology allows 6 Series machines to get down the road at high speed with reduced engine r.p.m. to save fuel. TTV models come equipped with a CVT transmission that has a speed range from 0.2 to 40 or 50 km/h.

An all-aluminum cooling package and new Electro-Visco fan keep tractor system temperatures in check.
An all-aluminum cooling package and new Electro-Visco fan keep tractor system temperatures in check. photo: Deutz-Fahr

The two 7 Series tractors, which offer 226 and 246 horsepower, are both limited to the TTV CVT transmission, which gives them a 0.2 to 60 km/h speed range, and these tractors too will run at top road speeds with reduced engine revs.

In the hydraulics department, the optional LS pump supplies a 170 l/min. flow rate on the 6 Series with up to seven spool valves (five at the rear and two in the front). The 7 Series gets a standard 120 l/min. flow rate with the option to increase that to 160. Actual flow rate and timing can be set through the in-cab monitor.

Also new is the MaxiVision cab, which the company says has reduced noise and vibration levels. The dashboard gets a five-inch InfoCentre Pro screen with tractor function readouts, and the armrest comes fitted with the MaxCom joystick. Armrests can also be fitted with the 12-inch, colour iMonitor 2.0.

To really brighten up night work a 40,000-lumen light package is available.

Underneath the cab and chassis, Deutz-Fahr offers an adaptive front axle suspension fitted with dry disc brakes. Both Series get 1,000 and 540 r.p.m. PTOs with an Eco function to reduce engine speed (and fuel consumption) while maintaining shaft speed.

New Generation 6 and 7 Series tractors should be arriving on Canadian shores early in 2017.

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