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Honest to goodness

More brothers and sisters: For the Noble family, success means learning how to change open communication from a threat into a strength

Brothers and sisters are working together on more farms all the time. More and more too, there are multiple siblings on these farms, not just one of each. To outsiders, it can seem like so many more chances for family to get in the way, and so many chances for old rivalries to flare up. […] Read more

A FLARE for agriculture

For FLARE magazine, it was an idea to attract readers. For Amanda Brodhagen, it was a chance to shatter so many farm stereotypes

Advocacy to Amanda Brodhagen means taking action. It’s not just about sharing her farm experiences on social media — although she does plenty of that — it’s about taking time to volunteer at the Beef Farmers of Ontario booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair each year as well as serving on the executive of […] Read more

Line of black Angus cattle looking at the camera with blank blue sky

New mentorship program looks to connect Angus breeders

New Angus breeders will be given the opportunity to pick more experienced brains on industry concerns, business development and day-to-day decisions through a mentorship program

What kind of advice can an Angus breeder in the Maritimes give to a breeder in Manitoba? If their management practices are similar enough, they might be about to find out. Participating long-term breeders will be paired off with industry newcomers this summer after the Canadian Angus Association launched its national mentorship program June 10. […] Read more

A better way to learn

What’s the best way to choose a great mentor? Three young farmers share their thoughts on how their mentors helped them get a solid career start, and how other young farmers could benefit from a more flexible approach to on-farm learning

Ben Campbell thought participating in a mentorship program could probably provide fresh insight into how to improve his grass-fed beef operation. Or possibly it could expose him to new business practices and stronger management techniques. So by the end of the year-long program, it came as a surprise to the Alberta rancher when he realized […] Read more

Back in business after bovine TB

When Brad Osadczuk lost his entire herd to TB, he discovered which attitudes and skills really are essential for starting over

[Updated June 7, 2017] Brad Osadczuk’s ranch at Jenner, Alta., is eerily quiet in what would normally be the start of a very busy calving season. His pens are empty, not a cow is in sight. This calving season, Osadczuk is a different kind of busy. He must find a new normal, since losing his […] Read more

Dairy producer takes the next big step

Change Makers: As a couple, the Craigs’ decision to transform their farm and leverage new opportunities has opened up a new future

Today’s farmers are change makers. Re-inventing our farms has become normal.  So Country Guide asked top ag journalists from across the country to interview farmers who excel at change, taking their farms in very different directions with an eye to finding their best opportunities. Their stories start with our January 2017 issue and will continue through […] Read more

Mentorships get real

Today’s mentorships are more relevant than ever, with a focus that includes business management, risk analysis, employee motivation and much more

On the traditional family farm, parents, grandparents and other family members have always been the mentors for those who follow, and agriculture today owes a tremendous debt to them for having trained generation after generation of new farmers. But today is also different. Canada’s farms are more complex than ever, and they’re only getting more […] Read more

Beef industry challenged to do better

It’s no secret the beef industry is under attack from environmentalists and activists — or that they frequently distort the truth. “They have an agenda that they are trying to gain information to support — they’re looking for things that have gone awry in the industry, and there have been problems,” renowned Alberta cattle researcher […] Read more

The business of beef in Canada

There’s no such thing as commodity beef anymore, says Alberta feedlot producer Ryan Kasko. It’s an attitude that is transforming the heart of Canada’s beef country

Canada’s beef industry seems like it’s built on a contradiction. It’s a sector living right on the edge of the future. Every aspect of production is undergoing change. New technology is revolutionizing how herds are raised and managed, and new consumer preferences are raising the bar in their own way too, perhaps faster in beef […] Read more

VIDEO: What cattle buyers want

There's more than one way to sell a calf these days

Country Guide reporter Lisa Guenther caught up with Sean McGrath of Round Rock Ranching to find out how he and his family sell their calves. The McGrath family ranch south of Vermilion, Alta, and they’ve sold into a variety of beef programs. In this video interview, McGrath talks about what those buyers are looking for.