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U.S. livestock: Live cattle drop from one-year peak, hogs rise

Chicago/Reuters – Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle fell on Monday in a profit-taking setback after notching one-year highs for four straight days last week, traders said. Larger-than-expected cattle placements in a monthly government report issued after the market closed on Friday added pressure to start the week, with deferred contracts posting the steepest declines. “The […] Read more

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OPR threatened, organic industry officials say

The organic industry is mounting a protest against pending changes for its Organic Products Regulation (OPR) that it says has potential to “undo the entire Canadian organic supply chain.” In 2012, the passage of the Safe Foods for Canadians Act resulted in a number of regulations, including the OPR, being combined into a single document […] Read more

CFIA approves camelina oil for use in Atlantic salmon feed

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has approved mechanically-extracted camelina oil as a feed ingredient for farmed salmon and trout, Genome Atlantic says in a release. That paves the way for the oilseed to serve as a new rotation option for Maritime potato farmers. Camelina sativa, or false flax, is a hardy oilseed plant that […] Read more

Getting ‘lean’ for farming

Small farms like Ben Hartman’s can be among the first to boost their numbers by adopting lean, but there are lessons for all

If they have heard about “lean” management, most business managers think of it in the context of lean manufacturing, a system pioneered by Japanese car maker Toyota in the 1970s. Now, however, more farmers are successfully applying lean principles to their farms, and they’re ending up with healthier balance sheets as a result. One of […] Read more

How lean farming is a little different in Europe

The European model of “lean” farming is a little different from the North American version, and although the primary focus is still eliminating waste, lean takes a more people-focused approach and shares similarities with the principles of holistic management. “The lean approach we take is more about management and people,” says Susanne Pejstrup, a Danish […] Read more

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Research funding supports on-farm adoption of clean technologies and practices

University of Manitoba researchers were among several institutions to receive federal funding Friday supporting ongoing research under the Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program (AGGP). Member of Parliament Terry Duguid (Winnipeg South) announced an investment of $1.9 million for a project with the University of Manitoba to study strategies for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) on Canadian cattle […] Read more

Young farmers are on board and looking ahead

Innovative training programs are raising the leadership capabilities of Canada’s youngest farmers

Imagine that tomorrow, you wake up and every commodity group and farm association you can think of needs to have an election. All their boards need entirely new directors, and there’s been a scramble to nominate the right people to fill those spots. How many of the candidates would be in their early 30s? Or […] Read more