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Pest Patrol: Control of Canada fleabane

#PestPatrol with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

Q: Canada fleabane has shown up in various places on our farm this year. I assume it is glyphosate resistant. Do I have any other options for soybeans other than Xtend beans? A: Yes, research conducted by the University of Guelph (Ridgetown Campus) has shown that the addition of Eragon LQ (30 ml/acre) + Sencor […] Read more

Continuous rinse system makes sprayer cleanouts easier

Here’s a new way to do sprayer cleanouts that saves time and is great for the environment

Certain jobs on the farm aren’t anybody’s favourites. Repairing a planter in the middle of a soybean field in early June is right up there on that list, and so is picking stones on just about any day. And up there with them is cleaning out the sprayer, which is another of the chores about […] Read more

Soybean seedling

New in IP soybean varieties

The market continues to follow the lead built by traited soybeans

The 2017 growing season has yielded an interesting trend which few seem to be aware of. Acres planted to soybeans in Canada reached a new high for this year at 7.3 million, an increase of 33.2 per cent from 2016. Those numbers from Statistics Canada have been something of a surprise for some, especially considering […] Read more

Final words on dicamba

The big concern for herbicide companies is to keep Xtend technology for years to come

In farming circles, 2017 may be remembered for a profound addition to our technology with the launch of the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean system and its companion herbicides, XtendiMax with VaporGrip technology and Engenia. Long anticipated, the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Crop System brings with it the potential to solve many issues with glyphosate-resistant […] Read more

The Xtend balancing act

Dicamba-resistant technology works, but it’s not simple and it requires more learning than glyphosate-tolerant systems

The 2016 growing season saw the advent of a new technology — Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, along with its herbicide companion, XtendiMax. The technology had been anticipated for more than five years, particularly by growers in the southern U.S. where resistant weed species and continual use of Roundup Ready soybeans and cotton have been […] Read more

Pest Patrol: Xtend soybeans, spray drift and controlling glyphosate-resistant fleabane

#PestPatrol with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

I want to plant Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans this season to control my glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane. But I keep hearing about the increased risk of drift with the dicamba-based herbicides. Is this fear mongering, or do I need to pay special attention when applying herbicides containing dicamba? We can learn a lot about the […] Read more

Pest Patrol: Enlist vs. Extend

#PestPatrol with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

What is the difference between Enlist and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, and how good are they at controlling glyphosate-resistant weeds? The key selling point of each new seed system is that they have tolerance to specific “auxinic” herbicides that traditionally have been used to control weeds in corn and cereals, and in theory should […] Read more

Dry weather weed control in IP soybeans

Weed control in IP soybeans is always a challenge. This year, it was nearly impossible… but not on all farms

Good weed control in Eastern Canada’s identity-preserved soybean fields this year appears to be just as patchy as the spring and summer rains, particularly in southern Ontario and parts of Quebec. Even Roundup Ready beans were slow to canopy in between rescue rains and required more in-season attention than usual. Then, as crops headed toward […] Read more