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Outlook for a Niagara vineyard

Craig Wismer hops out of his pickup at one of the 30 or so vineyards he manages in the Niagara Peninsula. Below him, rows of grape vines fill Niagara’s Vineland, serving up a panoramic view with a gleaming Lake Ontario. Niagara Falls and its river are on the eastern horizon, in the west are Hamilton’s[...]

Going For The Dream

Yvonnick Jambon knows the danger point. You start with an iconoclastic new kid on the block like Nufarm. It’s highly entrepreneurial, it grows fast, and it generates an enormous amount of its energy out of its biggest asset — the fact that it isn’t the other guys. At first, growth looks sweet. But then comes[...]

Owen McAuley MCAULEY, Man.

IN THE WINTER OF 1991,Owen McAuley, who operates a 6,000-acre grain and livestock operation near the western Manitoba village named after his family, was standing on stage receiving a great honour — he’d just been named Manitoba’s Farmer of the Year.As McAuley stood there at the podium, he felt a bit of a fraud.“I had[...]

Cross-Border Croppers

Sometimes you just don’t know where a thing is going to end up. When Richard and Robert Reesor started their sweet-corn business over 20 years ago, it wasn’t really a business at all. It was just a few acresalong the road out front, plus a roadside stand and two brothers putting themselves through school.Today, Rouge[...]