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Guide Weather Aug. 2012


Aug. 19-25: Sunny on most days with isolated showers mainly north and west. Cooler nights but temperatures average near normal. 

Aug. 26-Sept. 1: Frost at higher levels. Otherwise seasonal to occasionally cool. Fair apart from scattered rain on a couple of days.

Sept. 2-8: Seasonal to cool at times. Occasional frost at higher levels. Fair but with some rain on two or three occasions, mostly west and north.

Sept. 9-15: Temperatures vary from mild to cool. Frost areas inland. Brisk winds. Rain on a couple of days, chance heavy in places.

Sept. 16-22: Fair overall with some coastal rain changing to scattered showers inland. Temperatures fluctuate. Some days windy.


Aug. 19-25: Sunny on most days with isolated showers or thunderstorms. Seasonal to warm at times but frost patches at higher levels. 

Aug. 26-Sept. 1: Sunny but with scattered rain on a couple of occasions. Lows fall to single digits with chance of frost pockets.

Sept. 2-8: Highs reach the 20s at times but two or three cooler nights bring a frost threat. Fair aside from scattered rain or showers.

Sept. 9-15: Changeable as brisk winds and warm days interchange with cooler air and scattered rain. Some lows fall to near zero. 

Sept. 16-22: Generally fair but look for rain on a couple of days, with chance of

snow north. Variable temperatures. Blustery. Frosty nights. 


Aug. 19-25: Sunny skies and seasonal temperatures but expect a few cooler nights. Scattered showers or thunderstorm activity on a couple of days.

Aug. 26-Sept. 1: A couple of cooler nights with a frost threat mainly central and north. Otherwise sunny, seasonable and scattered rain.

Sept. 2-8: Seasonal to warm but frost threatens on a couple of clear, cooler nights. Fair skies overall with scattered showers or rain.

Sept. 9-15: Seasonal to occasionally blustery and warm. Frost on a couple of nights. Fair aside from some rain on one or two days.

Sept. 16-22: Changeable temperatures often in the teens. Some frost at night. Fair other than passing rain on a couple of occasions.


Aug. 19-25: In spite of cooler nights, highs often reach the 20s under sunshine. Scattered showers or thunderstorms at a few localities. 

Aug. 26-Sept. 1: Seasonal to occasionally warm but spotty frost central and north. Sunny aside from scattered rain on a couple of days. 

Sept. 2-8: Seasonable but temperatures dip to single digits with a frost threat here and there. Fair overall with scattered showers or rain. 

Sept. 9-15: Variable. Sunny, fair weather is interrupted by a few showers at times. Blustery. Fluctuating temperatures. Frost patches.

Sept. 16-22: Changeable temperatures with frost on a couple of clear, cool nights. Fair skies apart from rain and brisk winds on one or two days.

August 19 to September 22, 2012


Warm weather is likely to prolong summer-like temperatures across most of Eastern Canada well into September. The upper-level ridge responsible for the warmth is expected to suppress rainfall to below normal in many of these regions from Ontario to the Maritimes. However, occasional storms in late August and September may bring a few heavier rainfall events to the eastern Atlantic provinces. Elsewhere, cooler outbreaks in Western Canada will result in the first frost of the season in many areas. As a result, temperatures are likely to average close to longtime normal values from northwestern Ontario westward through the Prairies and into eastern British Columbia. Precipitation in these areas is expected to run near or a bit below normal. Farther west in coastal British Columbia, look for a continued cool circulation off the Pacific with several wet spells showing up in September.


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