GUIDE WEATHER – for Nov. 22, 2011

BRITISH COLUMBIA Nov. 27-Dec. 3:Seasonal to cool. Fair but snow on a couple days inland with coastal rain. Dec. 4-10:Unsettled, windy on a couple days with rain and wind west, snow east. Often cold. Dec. 11-17:Fair skies interchange with rain west, snow east, possibly heavy. Seasonal to cold. Dec. 18-24:Heavier precipitation at times with seasonal […]

GUIDE WEATHER – for Oct. 18, 2011

BRITISH COLUMBIA Oct. 23-29:Generally fair but with some coastal rain changing to occasional rain or snow elsewhere. Seasonal to cool and blustery at times. Oct. 30-Nov. 5:Variable temperatures from mild to colder. Some rain in western zones this week turning to snow in the north and east. Chance of heavy snow in the mountains. Nov. […]

Guide Weather – for Sep. 20, 2011

BRITISH COLUMBIA Sept. 25-Oct. 1:Variable conditions this week from fair and mild to wet and cool. Chance heavy rain west. Occasionally windy. Some snow and frost north. Frost threat interior. Oct. 2-8:Expect seasonal to occasionally cool temperatures. Frost areas inland. Blustery winds at times. Often fair but intermittent rain in the west turns to snow […]

GUIDE WEATHER – for Feb. 1, 2011

ONTARIO Jan. 30-Feb. 5:A few brighter days are interspersed with heavier snow and blustery winds this week. Seasonal to occasionally cold temperatures. Feb. 6-12:Sunny on a couple days, otherwise expect snow, at times heavy, on two to three occasions. Risk of rain in the southwest. Variable temperatures with blustery winds. Feb. 13-19:Minor thawing occurs in […]

Weather guide – for Aug. 30, 2010

ONTARIO Sept. 5-11:Mainly sunny with highs often in the 20s in the south but one or two cooler, blustery days bring periodic rain. Frost threatens northern areas. Sept. 12-18:Mostly pleasant apart from scattered rain activity on a couple of days this week. Seasonal to mild temperatures. Frost patches north. Sept. 19-25:Frost central and north, otherwise […]

GUIDE WEATHER – for May. 10, 2010

ONTARIO May 23-29: Changeable and blustery at times. Shower or thunderstorm activity on a couple days, risk severe in places. Seasonal to warm south, cool, showery, frost threat northwest. May 30-June 5: Mainly sunny with highs in the 20s, except cooler near the lakes and northwest. Scattered showers or thunderstorms, possibly heavy in places. June […]

Weather – for Mar. 22, 2010

Ontario Apr. 4-10: Temperatures climb to double digits in the south but with a frost risk at night. Blustery. Cooler with melting in the north but with sub-zero lows. Expect considerable sunshine this week but rain occurs on two or three occasions in the south, mixed with heavier snow in central and northern areas. Apr. […]

GUIDE WEATHER – for Feb. 8, 2010

ONTARIO Feb. 14-20: Some thawing occurs on a few days in southern regions. Otherwise temperatures vary from seasonal to cold. Bright skies but look for some snow on two or three occasions. Chance of rain in the south. Feb. 21-27: Fair weather will interchange with occasional snow, mixed with rain south. Chance of heavy precipitation […]

GUIDE WEATHER – for Dec. 6, 2009

ONTARIO Dec. 13-19: Look for fair skies and seasonable to mild temperatures on several days this week. Some thawing in the south. On colder, blustery days expect occasional snow, with a chance of rain in the south. Dec. 20-26: Blustery days bring variable temperatures, occasionally trending to the mild side. Mostly fair but expect some […]

GUIDE WEATHER – for Nov. 9, 2009

ONTARIO Nov. 15-21: Temperatures fluctuate as colder air advances southward bringing intermittent snow north and rain south. Chance of heavy precipitation in a few areas. Windy from time to time. Nov. 22-28: Windy and colder outbreaks bring snow on two or three occasions central and north, but rain in the southwest. Chance of heavier precipitation. […]